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Fairlawn Periodontics is a practice that specializes in oral health treatments that improve gum health as well as implant dentistry. We offer treatments like periodontal prophylaxis and minimally invasive procedures to reverse or control gum disease.

Fairlawn Periodontics utilizes the latest technology to improve the comfort and health of our patients. Soft tissue lasers are used in periodontal treatments such as LANAP and gum contouring. Lasers provide a less invasive alternative to scalpels and sutures.

Conventional treatments for gum recession called for grafting procedures and sutures. Today, Fairlawn Periodontics offers a suture-free, less invasive alternative to grafting procedures with the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST).

Implant dentistry has changed the way oral health professionals and patients look at tooth loss. With dental implants, our patients enjoy an unprecedented improvement in oral function with long-lasting prosthetics.

Fairlawn Periodontics offers procedures and services designed to improve one’s oral function and quality of life. We offer different types of sedation dentistry as part of our mission to deliver effective and comfortable treatment to our patients.